Responsible Gambling

External sources of Help

Talking about gambling issues is key to overcoming them. If you think gambling may have bad influence on your health, it's best to talk about it with your family doctor or someone you trust. You can also contact a support center in your area to discuss your concerns. There are several organizations in Belgium specialized in gambling addiction that can answer your questions, support you or refer you to suitable establishments.
Please find below a non-exhaustive list of online services offering practical advice and support:

Clinique du jeu - SOS Jeux

This website is dedicated to provide advice and support effectively to problem gamblers and their dependence to games (casino games, slots, bingo, scratch tickets, online games, sports betting ...), but also Internet addiction (video games, discussion forums, ...).
Phone number: 800.35.777 free help (24-hour service)

Aides aux joueurs

This website is an online self-help website for players with gambling problems.

Belgian Gaming Commission

The protection of players is one of the main tasks of the Belgian Gaming Commission. The Commission can provide you with useful information about associations and help centers in your area. You also have the possibility to send a request to the Belgian Gaming Commission to be banned from casinos, arcades and online gaming websites. To do so, you will have to fill in the voluntary ban request form available on the site mentioned below.

International- GamblingTherapy

Gambling Therapy provides online, multi-language, support and advice.
Website :

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